Webpage and Stugan aplication!

We started to work on a webpage, our Twitter account, Instagram account and we even started on TigSourcescreen36

In the last months, we aplied to Stugan, see here, and we’ve the dialog system quite done, the layout of the levels, most of the music, animations and 3D assets and we hope to have something soon to show you!


Stay tuned!



Idearum into production!

So far I gathered a team. We are still deciding on how to call the group, but so far we’ve covered narrative and script, game design, art and the rest. We are currently discovering how to use Unreal Engine 4, but it is not so harsh as we could imagine.

This is the first screenshot ever of Idearum!

Hopefully, from now on you’ll have news of it every week.

Stay tuned!


Ludum Dare 36th

I’ve always been curious about Ludum Dare Game Jam, but I wasn’t really paying that much attention to it until I saw some developers/artists I follow on Twitter talk about it, but I was late already this year to join a team, or so I thought.
BUT game designer Marta Gil (@Matlahvi) was looking for artists to help her with some illustrations, so I joined her. 

Save Her it’s a narrative story where you are a soldier in war and you have to use an old radio to help a woman who is running away from prision.

Marta has developed all the game by herself in a weekend, I just did few illustrations. end2

Here’s the game did for with some of my illustrationsGive it a try!

Idearum Anomalia

I had holidays on July! And I’m a freelancer! Isn’t it unbelievable?
That’s why I chose to spend those deserved free days to learn more, next to Litomysl’s Castle, in the Czech Republic.
I attended the Concept Art Lab in Anomalia, with Jim Moore as teacher.

The first day I got there I was all by myself so I went out drawing and enjoying the freedom of sketching whatever I wanted without any time limit. I have to admit that the beer there should be considered World Heritage.

We started the week with characters and I brought my own project to work on it. We did lookboards, storyboarding, sillhouettes and much more. We also talked of pitching, what to do and what not. Silhouettes_Eidos.jpg

I started Idearum as a school project with Júlia Olivella, when we were on our last year at EMAiD. The game in its essence is there, but since she didn’t want to continue on it, I did the game design document from scratch, as well as every design we did together.
Cut this, add that, forget about that and after a week in Litomysl, I had the first characters and concept art.

We had our share of fun, parties and movies as well, but most of the time we were working in the class until late.


In the second week of the lab, we started working on environments and how to proceed to a production pipeline and some rendering tricks as well. I’ve never liked environments that much, so it was an opportunity for me to get out of my comfort zone.
I also spent part of that last week to polish some aspects in the game, related to mechanics and puzzles.

About the content of the course, I would give it five stars. But it’s not just that, I’ve been able to meet a lot of amazing, very talented artists in there, mostly czech, for what I’m thankful.

Overall, my experience in Anomalia was great and I would reccomend it to everyone willing and capable of doing so.


Adventure Jam 2016

By the end of may, I had the pleasure to take part in Adventure Game Jam, a game jam focused on graphic adventures of all kinds.

What if Steven Spielberg did not modify the George Lucas’ Indiana Jones?
In our little adventure, we invite you to join the archaeologist Henry Smith in his adventure at the temple of Chachapoya to discover that a mysterious man arrived to the temple before you.

I was responsible of the environments and Cristina of the characters.

You can download here the game I worked on for Adventure Game Jam, along with Victor Martinez Pajares  and Cristina Carrascal Manzanares .


“Mujeres + Videojuegos”, de Marina Amores.



El documental se basa en tres pilares: la mujer como personaje en el videojuego, como desarrolladora y como jugadora. Tuve el placer de poder formar parte del documental, en el perfil de desarrolladora -artista, concretamente- que se comenta ne éste. Más allá de mi experiencia, hay suficientes evidencias que demuestran que todavía la mujer no está integrada en el sector y reconocer el problema es el primer paso para el cambio. Un cambio que sin duda será positivo.

Pienso que en el momento en el que un colectivo se vea representado en el sector, dejando de ser la minoría que es en él, no sólo mujeres, pero cualquier grupo que pueda quedar fuera del target principal de los videojuegos, éstos no sólo van a cambiar, van a mejorar. Se trata de tener puntos de vista distintos, algo muy enriquecedor.
Reaccionamos a las situaciones de maneras distintas, por lo que desde la creación de personajes al uso o creación de nuevas mecánicas, tener diferentes enfoques llevará una mejora en el producto en sí.

Hacen falta modelos a seguir en la industria y están aflorando ahora. Hablo en el documental de la influencia que tuvo mi madre en mi y no puedo evitar pensar cuántas chicas desearían dedicarse a esto, pero les falta creer en sus capacidades y romper la barrera por la que se entiende que lo tecnológico es algo masculino.

Por favor, venid, sumaros a nosotros. ¡Es maravilloso crear juegos!