El Bon Temps – Characters

On 2018, walking home from work, I stumbled upon the statue on Gaudí Avenue in Barcelona by Apel·les Fenosa titled “El Bon Temps Perseguint la Tempesta” (Good weather chasing the tempest).
I got a bit of an eukera moment looking at it, I thought of a game, a repetitive, cyclic game that could explore emotions and ideas such as loneliness, solitude, change or stability using reinterpretations of Catalan folklore and fables.

These are some of the creatures that pupulate the game.

Most Catalan myths and fables are negative and/or of evil, which probably is because they were pagan and Catholics wouldn’t hear of it. I wanted to rethink the fables and make them a bit of my own in order to “un-christianise” them.

These concepts are meant to be used as a visual guide for 3D development, though the final art will probably be low poly. As a 3D artist working alone, I rather have more details and curves available on paper and remove any unnecessary geometry in production, so that’s why I went for smooth, round renders. Having a tendency to work with flat colors and minimalistic textures, what I use most is PBR materials in simple 3D, like with the Víbria, a criature that is supposed to have a reflective surface on its back; or like the pesanta, a character that won’t be more than a silhouette filled with stars that move.

My goal with this project is to have fun creatively and maybe, help someone on the way.