FULL FACE / PLENO ROSTRO is an experimental video game developed by visual artist Jorge Núñez de la Visitación in collaboration with developer Andie Sacchi.

You are in the room where Jorge works. If you explore the different objects that are distributed in that space, you will navigate between fragments of essays for possible future films. Space Surgery, Hidden Face and Grandparents in the Attic are the titles of these fictions in progress.

Non-linear narrative.

Space-time riddles.

Ghostly Presences.

Different materials (videos, sounds, texts, photographs and drawings) try to tell you something. What is it about? What do I have on my face? A videogame.
Just available in Spanish and for Windows.

Creative-executive director / Jorge Núñez de la Visitación
3D art and code / Andie Sacchi 
Videos and SFX / Jorge Núñez de la Visitación
Director of “Cara Oculta” / Iván Ignacio Iglesias

    Reinaldo Peñalver
    Julián Génisson
    Rocío G. Cela
    Clara Moreno Cela
    David Aristegui

Voice-over / Julius Richard
Music / Enrike Hurtado Mendieta
Drawing in the wall / Pernan Goñi
Post-It and books / Jorge Núñez de la Visitación
Codepak compression for videos / Iván Ignacio Iglesias
Cover art / Raisa Álava [web]

With the support of Centro de Residencias Artísticas de Matadero Madrid.

Play it on itch.io: https://visitacionalien.itch.io/fullface